Different cultures, societies and people tend to have different perceptions. We at FREEDOM think what is most important is what each person needs to think for himself. They need to take inputs from valuable sources and take their own independent decision. What is good for one person, might not be suitable for another.
Mrs Alpa Shah, the founder recognized that the only solution to breaking this vicious cycle was to empower these communities with the information and tools they needed to build upcoming future.

A secular, Mumbai – based non – profit organisation, FREEDOM FOUNDATION believes that investing in group of people of any age, position, gender youth and women-working/non-working is essential to building viable urban and rural communities aiming Social and Economical Stability.
FREEDOM targets two large public areas – Women and Youth.


To transform the lives of people by providing assistance across all age groups and income strata thereby building sustainable philanthropic sector and give them financial freedom.


Our mission  is to support and assist people to provide them basic literacy and make thier future stable and secure with the help of financial and Social Stability.


We recognize the various communities of the society who requires assistance in Money Management and to tackle the Social issues prevailing.
Our initiatives target both social and economic up-gradation of groups and communities either directly or by networking with other non-governmental organisations.We conduct workshops for youth, students and women , in general community for importance and relevance of the Socialist and Money related issues


Mayur Shah

Mr. Mayur shah is a chemical engineer and an MBA graduate. He has 16 years of work experience in construction industry  behind him. Currently he is engaged in advisory and sales training modules.

Alpa Shah
Alpa Shah is Co-Founder and Director of Next Level Education Pvt. Ltd, a company focused on financial literacy as one of its core objectives. She has over two decades of rich and varied experience in the financial sector. In the past she has worked with Tata Asset Management as Head of Worksite Solutions Division, where she was instrumental in blending investor education with execution by introducing first time investors to industry. Alpa’s experience led to the setting up of Next Level Education, the aim was to spread financial literacy to a wider base and empower the society especially youth and women. Under ‘Skill India Mission’ of the Government of India, BFSI Sector Skill Council (BFSI-SSC) is developing ‘National Occupational Standards’ (NOS) for job roles in the financial sector. Alpa Shah OFFICIALLY interviewed today for incorporating her inputs in ‘National Occupational Standards’ (NOS) initiative. Alpa had visited TCS Riyadh all women organization for Women Empowerment sessions.


Shivani is a graduate in computer science and also holds many certifications in Finance. At a very tender age of 18 and has experience in various diverse fields. She has till date written over 200 articles on an array of issues in leading Marathi publications like Loksatta and Tarun Bharat and also has won ‘Nagpur’s Best Orator’ award at the age of 19.

Shiv Tiwary
Mr. Shiv Tiwary
Mr. Shiv Tiwary is a volunteer with us since October, 2014. As a volunteer, he has been contributing regularly as a financial literacy trainer to underprivileged sections of the society. It is not easy to take time out on a regular basis to engage with socially weaker sections and it requires great emotional strength to engage at a deeper level and provide financial guidance.
He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited and has over 17 years of experience across Marketing, Strategy and Consulting. In the past, Shiv has held leadership positions at YES Bank, Aviva India, Tata Strategic and Mitsui OSK Lines.
Shiv has a Degree in Marine Engineering from MERI, Kolkata and an MBA from NITIE, Mumbai.

Management Team

Shravan Shetty

Advisor – Social Impact Projects Program.

He is an ICCC Master Career Coach (CCSP) Accredited by NCDA, USA. He has an MBA from Ohio University. He is currently associated with Freedom foundation as Advisor, Social Impact Projects/ Programs

Deepti Natarajan

Advisor – CSR Partnerships and Impact scale.

She has a decade of Experience and more on the interactions of NGO Development management and CSR Partnerships and Alliances .

Our Trainers

West Zone

Renuka J. Kothari

A Management graduate with Masters in Management, a Financial Advisor, and a Corporate Trainer having 10+ years of total work experience in Education, Sales, and Training, nurturing an ambition to be a lifelong learner and practitioner in the field of Training and Development.

Vinayak Kanvinde

Turned entrepreneur coach, educationist, mentor in 2018 .In theprevious roles, led small sized (yet impactful) teams across aspectrum of units large and small with player / coach roles in most ofthe roles. In the last stint, led a small team of resourceful individualsto build a flourishing portfolio management business with completeground up operational set up built and delivered.

Chetan Gaikwad

He has more than 5 years of experience in Investor Education, especially into Literacy Programs. He has delivered more than 400+ Training Programs on Financial Literacy, Mutual Funds, NISM 5A, Leadership Development, and Soft Skills. Currently, his skill sets involving compliance, imparting knowledge, analytical competence enables the smooth operations of the organization absorbing challenges irrespective of their quantum and complications.

South Zone

Rekha Ramanathan

A qualified & competent professional with vast exposure of 19 years across various sectors that include Banking, Insurance Mutual Funds Training, Content Development, E-Learning, Sales, Recruitment, Marketing & Business Development, Customer Service &Customer Relations.

Khaleelullah M H

Khaleel is a Successful FMCG Sales Person turned International Corporate professional with a total of 36 years of working experience, of which 13 years in Training and Development. He is a Master Trainer, and a Behavioral Competency Assessor, a Career Counsellor & Memory Coach. He has a flair for Behavioural/ Soft Skills / Leadership & Sales Training/ workshops, BFSI, and has been widely appreciated by numerous clients. Has international exposure in UAE, Bangladesh & Bahrain. Last held position was National Head for Sales Capabilities –PepsiCo India.

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