What is Freedom Foundation?

A secular, Mumbai – based non – profit organization, FREEDOM FOUNDATION believes devoting in group of people of any age, position, gender youth and women-working/non-working , it is essential to build viable urban and rural communities aiming at Social and Economic Stability via Financial and Adult Literacy. FREEDOM targets two large public areas – Women and Youth.

People Empowered

Community Work

We have been working hard to literate people on Social and Economic issues and guiding them on the Path of Financial Freedom, Going Cashless and Going Digital is our new Mantra!
Here are some of the instances.

“People can loose anything , But EDUCATION stays with you Forever”

Mahila Bachat Gat

Shiv Sena Is a rising political party in our country India. Prajakta Sawant (Corporator of Kandivali East – Mumbai) , was kind enough to arrange a Financial Empowerment session for her Kariyakarta’s at Kandivali on a Women’s day occasion. She felt this was the best offering from her side to her Women supporters.

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Session for Vakola Slum Citizens

Poonam Mahajan being Aware about our work , gave us an opportunity to conduct a Financial Empowerment Session for women in slums as it being her core area.
There were almost 150 ladies present for the session.

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Kotak SIP Day

SIP Day was an initiative by Kotak Mahindra Asset management Company. The objective was : to significantly boost SIP investments in the country through this initiative. Thoughtful planning and investing from an early age lets an investor enjoy the benefits of compounding interest to generate wealth,

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Session for Sex Workers in Bhiwandi

Prostitution in India is that part of the society which is denied of all the rights , values and benefits of living a good life. There are various challenges that these women have to face everyday relating to all aspects of her life. Finance/ money/income is the major one from all of the challenges.

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Session for Priyadarshini Taxi Drivers

On the occasion on Women’s Day i.e 8th March , we conducted a Financial Empowerment session for Women taxi drivers. These women were earlier house wife and now have started to earn a handful amount , educating them about the importance of savings and the right avenues was very important.

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Session for TCS Canteen Staff

We designed a very interesting session that not only touched based their Finance but also their interpersonal skills , their mindset etc. We named it as “Personal Emotive Good Life session”.

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TCS Adult Literacy Programme

Freedom Arranged four sessions in association with Rotary and Rotractors and TCS as Freedom Foundation being a link in between the two. Conducted a Adult literacy training at Palghar for the rural , localites ,slums and various communities.

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Session for Dabbawalas

Dabbawalla work so hard to deliver food to people. We decided to help them with their hard earned money and guide them properly on the pointers to save their income and grow it for own and Children’s better future.

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Home Guards Mumbai

The Indian Home Guard is an Indian paramilitary police force. It is a voluntary force, tasked as an auxiliary to the Indian Police.

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