TCS Adult Literacy Programme

Adult Literacy -“Train the Trainer” Initiative by Freedom Foundation was In association with TCS CSR Team and Rotary Club for the young Rotarians. These youngsters are the ones who will be spreading this awareness among various communities.
This project seeks to educate adult non-literates in urban and rural areas, provide opportunities for continuing education to such neo-literates and impart skill development training to adult neo-literates leveraging available government assistance. 

The schemes included in this project are:
Selection of adult (15+ years) non-literate men and women
• in urban slums/bastis and rural areas proximate to Rotary Clubs
• with emphasis on working women, adolescent girls mothers/home-makers, and
• imparting basic literacy to such adults
i. through selected qualified volunteers and
ii. using available primers, etc., and, wherever feasible, e-learning modules

Our Contribution

Freedom Arranged for sessions in association with Rotary and Rotractors and TCS as Freedom Foundation being a link in between the two. Conducted a Adult literacy training at Palghar for the rural , localites ,slums and various communities.

Post session

The response was very good and we are going to spread this awareness among as many villages as possible. We aim to train 10,000 people in 1 year under this program with the help of TCS and Rotary.

Some Highlights

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