Session for Sex Workers in Bhiwandi

Prostitution in India is that part of the society which is denied of all the rights , values and benefits of living a good life.
There are various challenges that these women have to face everyday relating to all aspects of her life. Finance/ money/income is the major one from all of the challenges. We encountered with a Head sister from a organization called as the Good Shephard. This NGO works towards giving better education and values to the children’s of Women Engaged in Prostitution. We wanted to do something more better for these children’s mothers in our way.

Our Contribution

We considered that it would be a great opportunity to bring a different change in these women’s lives. In association with Rotary we designed a program for them and Named it “Wellness Program”
The topics included : Yoga / meditation / peace of mind, Financial Awareness – to take their own financial decisions, Wellness and hygiene health care, Interactive time of mother and child exercise to increase bonding

Post session

The women’s were very happy , were asking queries and wanted to take a step for ownself in finance matters. We explained them all in detail , tried clearing their doubts. Many of them showed interest in the doing SIP. Our Team made a second visit to the place to get their documentation done for their investments.

Some Highlights

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