Kotak SIP Day Session

SIP Day was an initiative by Kotak Mahindra Asset management Company
The objective was : to significantly boost SIP investments in the country through this initiative. Thoughtful planning and investing from an early age lets an investor enjoy the benefits of compounding interest to generate wealth,
SIP acts as a simplified financial planning tool that helps create wealth, by investing small sums of money every month, over a period of time
Kotak MF initiated the “SIP Day” campaign that amplified interesting trivia and facts around SIP investing. Awareness was created about SIP, its benefits, power of compounding.

Our Contribution

Under this initiative we conducted Financial empowerment session are various levels and various communities viz., Fire Brigade officers, Management students of Jamnalal Bajaj school of management studies, and Dabbawallas

Post session

We were successful in getting 5 Fire brigade offices from a 20 officers crowd to start their path of wealth creation and stream line their investments. The students from Jamnalal Bajaj also felt privileged as they could get this knowledge before starting with jobs , as they would give highest priority to save in the right manner. Dabbawalla’s were motivated to explore an option to different avenue of investments and grow their savings.

For Fire Brigade

For Dabbawallas

For Jamnalal Bajaj Students

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