Session for Priyadarshini Taxi Drivers

Priyadarshini Taxi Service is an initiative implemented by Susieben Shah, an entrepreneur and social activist. She is also a politician working hard towards social and economic development of the backward and poor society. Women empowerment has been Susie’s mission as she believes that women are important building blocks of the society.
Realizing the lack of women drivers in the city, Susieben Shah embarked the project of Priyadarshini Taxi Service where women are trained and employed to drive taxis. “Priyadarshini Taxi Service is born in the gullies and chawls of Mumbai

Our Contribution

On the occasion on Women’s Day i.e 8th March , we conducted a Financial Empowerment session for Women taxi drivers. These women were earlier house wife and now have started to earn a handful amount , educating them about the importance of savings and the right avenues was very important. We made sure to put our session in a manner that they are never fooled by anyone while taking money decisions.

Post session

These women wanted us to stay back and explain the schemes and were ready to go ahead and start their own savings. They were the most energetic crowd we encountered.

Some Highlights

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